Yay conditioning!

flashhottieMan, this rocks.  My derby team The Haymarket Rioters  has added conditioning to our practice regime.  I think it’s only been four or five weeks now that the incomparable Roe has been kicking our asses for 45 minutes before we put on our skates.  This entails the usual jogging variants for warmup, which I hate, hate, hate, but it’s getting easier.  Pushups & crunches & variations.  Agility courses.  Special Roe tortures that are probably patented so I can’t talk about them here.  Some stretching, courtesy our yoga geeks Pominatrix and Tackle Box.  By the time I put on skates I’ve been dripping sweat for quite a while.

What this means: my level of fitness has gone up to the point where I’m not totally whipped at the end of every team practice.  I don’t need a day off after every single workout.  Thus, I can add more practices, build skills, and develop even better fitness condition.

Sunday regular team practice, Monday swimming with Rose Feratu & yoga class with Tackle Box, a Wednesday skate on my own, usually outdoors for ten or fifteen miles, a Thursday boot camp with Dee Monica, and a Friday skate at a public rink with random derby sisters.  This schedule gives me two days a week off—Tuesday totally off, and Saturday just a horse jumping lesson.  Plus, of course, I swim at my own health club every day, albeit some days I dogpaddle.

Soon Fleetwood will resume speed skating classes, which kick my ass hardest.  I used to cry at every single practice.  I don’t cry any more, but I’m also still too slow.  I want to go twice a week.  May have to back off if those leave me weak and useless.  But hey, they might not.

A year ago I could not have imagined working this hard and surviving, let alone thriving and getting stronger and LOVING IT.

The secret is, do stuff you love.  If you have to mix in a few things you hate, reward yourself with working hard at fun stuff right away.

Example: ten years ago I felt guilty.  I was hurting the horse’s back because my abs were so sucky, I couldn’t ride properly.  So I started doing back exercises and ab crunches to make myself a better rider.  Reward: almost immediately, I could ride better, and both the horse and I had more fun.  Oh, plus, my waistline reappeared!  Sexy new pants!  Belly shirts!  Yay!

Okay burbling here.  Signing off.

-Flash Hottie, a.k.a. Jennifer Stevenson



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  1. More power to you!

    You managed to apply yourself before health made it an imperative. I’m not quite that lucky, but determined to get into some sort of shape myself.