The Dragon’s Disowned Dictionary

I admit.  I got this idea from Patrick at Popehat. He was featuring the new book by Randall Monroe based on his webcomic xkcd.

Xkcd-on-books In one of many brilliant efforts, Randall came up with this true, valid equation.

The likelihood a book is any good does decrease in proportion to how many words the author has made up.

Fra’as?  Krytoses?  – sounds like a disease.

Did it start with Star Wars?  Of course not. You thought Jar-Jar Binks was a dumb name?  Child’s play, compared to (all are from REAL BOOKS) . . .

Armaragor (n) Tire protectant.

Bayen (v) Dog vocalization.

Callitha (name) Married to Harysyn Ffordd.

Danku (n) Gratitude.

D’No (n) Ignorance.

De’Phenith (n) Dragon toe polish remover.

Duthjack (v) To steal an unwashed car.

Dwaer (v) Past perfect tense of “to dweeb”.

Famadorians (n) Caste of paparazzi.

Fehran (place) Former Jewish quarter of Iranian capital.

FFlam (n) Abbreviated con game.

Gyorn (n) Scandinavian rock star.

Hkoolien (n) Portable cooling system for hiking.

Hrunard (n) Event in the Summer Fantalympics.

Kief (n) Keith without teeth.

Krival (n) Karmic rival.

Letherblaka (n) see: Donatella Versace.

Llysanyin (n) Next generation disinfectant.

Milkeila (name) see: Kelis.

Paak (v) To prepare for a long trip.

Powrie (n) Peculiarly pungent perfume.

Qe’tetoc (n) Aztec antacid.

Ragalan (n) Sweater.

Ra’zac (n) The person selected to raise Zac Efron from the dead.

Rhamas (v) Just read out loud.

Saethe (v) Language learning game.

Sylani’sin (n) Illicit sex with villain from NBC Heroes.

Torusk (n) Traveler seeking to overcome speech impediment.

Tragget (n) A moderately-priced department and grocery store.

Trollocs (n) As featured in forgotten classic: Never Mind the Trollocs, Here’s the Sex Pistols.

Uildodd (v) Forgetting to wash one’s hair.  As in “Did you uildodd again?  Disgusting!”

Vasska (v) Interruption of male surgical sterilization.

Xxammer (v) Drive-through OB-GYN.

Zenshiite (n) A person who adheres to the highest standards of bathroom etiquette.

Random names of places and people:

Fflewddur (2006)

Hunky Kay (2005)

Shorkan (1999)

Shor Nun (1937)

An actual sentence:  “Annuvin!” Kaw croaked. “Dyrnwyn!”



The Dragon’s Disowned Dictionary — 2 Comments

  1. I know that Kaw!

    And it was from a Newbery winning YA series….

    I prefer fewer made-up words but a true difference between languages from which a few words are dropped into others’ speech.

    A merchant class speeds this up, of course. Language is a valuable trade item.