The 20 Dozen Scones Project

sconeOn my personal blog I’ve been recording my adventures in a mildly ambitious project I’ve undertaken:  to make 20 dozen scones for the Authors Tea at this year’s Bubonicon, New Mexico’s annual Science Fiction convention.  (I will be on a panel at this convention discussing alternative publishing/marketing models such as BVC—after I make all the scones.)

The Authors Tea is a mad scamble of an afternoon tea, hosted by a team of the convention’s author guests and their extremely helpful helpmates.  This will be our sixth annual tea.  Dozens of people come to taste fine teas provided by our sponsor, the St. James Tearoom, and nibble dainties provided by the authors.  There is much conversation.  There is a contest for the most wonderful Hat & Gloves ensemble.  There is a drawing for books provided by the authors.  It’s a merry time.

As one of the organizers of this tea, I’m often conflicted about what to bring.  I want to provide something wonderful, of course, but I’m limited by all the organizational tasks, so I can’t take a lot of time to craft artistic food.  In past years I’ve brought deviled eggs, but they have to be piped on-site (no refrigeration), and that has to happen just as I’m trying to pull everything else together.

So this year I decided to bring scones, which I can make ahead and freeze, and bake the morning of the event.  They will not suffer for lack of refrigeration.

Of course, I want everyone who comes to the event to get a scone, if not two.  So I decided to make 20 dozen.

Upon reflection, this was a slightly insane decision, but we’ll see.  I’m determined to carry it through.  Full details in my Comonplace Book.



The 20 Dozen Scones Project — 4 Comments

  1. OMG, Pati, what courage you have! And it is obvious that I should be going to Bubonicon…


  2. Mmmm. Scones.

    I’ll be bringing jam to WFC–would that I could send you some now (I have lemon jelly, peaches and ginger, and mixed berry-cherry preserves freshly made. I have this thing for summer fruit, see) to go with your profusion of scones. You will let us know how it goes, right?

  3. It went very well, thanks! I wish we could have had some of your jams, Madeleine. They sound fantastic!

    As it was, we had raspberry preserves and butter. One guest told me he had done a scientific study (he ate four scones) and concluded that the scones were best without adulteration.

    Brenda – of course you should be going to Bubonicon! EVERYONE should be going to Bubonicon!