The Real Steam

airship1I’m late.  Again.  But there’s a good reason, and actually, there’s a good result.

Because I’ve found the Real Deal.

Steampunk loves airships, and what’s not to love?  They’re dramatic, they’re beautiful, they’re fraught with possibilities and nobody is going to make you stand in line and take off your shoes before you get into a dirigibile and the food will most definitely be more interesting than a foil packet of peanuts and lukewarm coffee.  Okay, you still can’t smoke but we must expect these little inconveniences in life.

The first Victorians also loved the possibilities of airships.  Almost everybody’s seen the images that graced the works of Jules Verne, but have you heard of Frank Reade Jr.?

Reade Jr. was a percursor to Tom Swift.  He was the product of the imagination of the Cuban-American Luis Senaran, writing largely under the pseudonym ‘Noname.’  Senaran was incredibly prolific.  He wrote well over a thousand stories and novels about Frank Reade Jr., and before Jules Verne got around to it, he invented steam men to travel the praries of America, and an incredible array of airships.  Like this one:


To see additional, authentic, steamy awesomeness including steam robots and yet more airships, check out this page.



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