WisCon Chronicles 4 – There’s Still Room

The initial deadline for material to be considered for WisCon Chronicles 4, aka MyWisCon, passed last Sunday, 1st August, and things are shaping up pretty well. The academic component is up to projected capacity, with some very interesting papers, and more to come: parts of what may become a conversation on Women Warriors, an academic paper, response, and further response from the papers’ authors.
Panel reports and My WisCons are looking good, with four My WisCons in and some very interesting things promised for mid-August, including a couple of long-attendees’ perspectives and two full panel transcripts. Some people have needed extensions, and I’ve had a few bright ideas along the way as well. We’re also hoping for some party reports.
Fiction and poetry are behind the other two, but what we have is of great quality, and I have ideas for more. Guest of Honour speeches are still promised, along with the WisCon ethnography. As things stand, we will comfortably reach our middle-range capacity for the volume, with the contributions coming or already in hand.
However, before we hit the top cap., there’s still room for more panel reports or My WisCons, as in overall impressions and thoughts on the Con, and if you have poetry or fiction, and you read at WisCon and would like to have something published in here, I have room. Complete poems, fine, excerpts of fiction, up to 4K words, or shorter complete fiction – Nancy Jane Moore has given me a great flashfic – road stories of the future. Nisi Shawl is putting in a story from Filter House too! I have a couple of ideas for fiction presentations, but if you have something as yet unpublished, or something published which the publisher will allow you to reprint or excerpt, here we are.
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