Incredible News For Survivalists

Retiring US Army Col. Henry Moak consumed a can of C-rations from 1969, which he had saved as a souvenir all this time.  This was all on AP video; I noticed he had a plastic bag of pound cake from a 1990s-era MRE as well, but that wasn’t opened up on camera.

So, you can see here that the cake still looks like cake, and he says it tastes good.  I’m sure that’s an exaggeration, although I am equally sure that the pound cake (around which you can see the frilly paper “cupcake” wrapper) tastes better than Mike’s C-ration scrambled eggs (these were also Vietnam-era, still in use when poor Mike had to eat them, 10 years later).  There was no ham, but there were green eggs.

Col. Moak also opened the can with his military-issue can opener.  He also said he went to OCS, class of 1965.  And if that’s the case (no reason to doubt it), I guess survivalists have another reason to rejoice, because Col. Moak looks unbelievably great for a man of about 67 years old.  Update: there is a whole MRE culture online.  These guys also share C-Ration lore, and two years ago, looks like they tested a slightly “younger” poundcake than Col. Moak’s 40-year old cake.  It definitely looks the same, and they said they ate it all and it was excellent.  I’ve noticed some strange, non-military-looking MRE’s out there for sale.  If I find out of those are camping or “survivalist” substitutes, I’ll report back later.

Or, the moral of this story is – if you want to survive Armageddon, yes, you can live on C-rations for a long time, and also – good things come in olive drab packages.



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  1. My daughter actually enjoys MREs. (Of course in the day she enjoyed all food or foodlike substances, and it was as much as your life was worth to stand between her and the buffet.) It was that, and her perfect score at her first experience on the rifle range, that made me realize that I was stuck in one of those annoying fantasy novels. You know, the one in which Wart pulls out the Sword in the Stone, and is obviously and likewise rightful king of England.