Natural Selection is not Evolution

So goes the thinking at the Creation Museum.

Unfortunately, unless I go and visit the museum, I won’t have an explanation as to what this astonishing statement means. Their website gives no clue to what natural selection is for, then, if not for evolution. Oh gads, please don’t tell me they’re using it to justify some eugenics philosophy. I’m sure there’s some anti-gay rhetoric attached somewhere as well.

I can find nothing to complain about without knowing exactly what the statement means in theological terms. So I won’t complain, and in fact, I count this as progress. At least the creationists are admitting natural selection might exist. They’re still winning the battle against evolution, though, as there’s no evidence of a mechanism for species creation yet. They’ve still got the upper hand in the war.

Sad thing is, no one is at war with them. They’re in conflict with and among themselves. First they insisted the world was flat and it was 4,000 years old. Faced with a constituency who, despite being threatened with eternal hellfire decided for themselves on these issues, they revised their interpretation of the good book. Except for a few holdouts that know the Eagle never landed and the whole thing was a hoax, the clergy no longer crucifies or condemns those that view photos of Earth from the moon and draw their own conclusions. Throughout history they have revised their own thinking, clinging to superstitions that have yet not been discounted by science.

Ah, science. Science dances to its own beat and battles its own specialized demons, regardless of how the mythologies sharing the surrounding culture are evolving. Science could give a shit what the clergy is on about. Science has a flask of amino acids to electrify.

Meanwhile the Creationists have a museum and an enticing website that promises illumination on all mysteries of life such as “the truth about antibiotic resistant bacteria.”

It’s just 7 miles west of Cincinnati. Visit today. Leave your skepticism at home.

Sue Lange
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Natural Selection is not Evolution — 5 Comments

  1. Sue, I can’t face searching through the Creation Museum site, living as I do in a state where there’s still an effort to teach the fundamentalist take on the Christian Bible (which is, of course, not necessarily the Christian pov) instead of science. It’s just too painful to look at that ignorance directly; I need a filter.

    So tell me, what is the “truth” about antibiotic resistant bacteria?

  2. I haven’t a clue. It’s just a teaser on that page. Something to get you to go and visit the museum. I guess there’s some sort of controversy over penicillin or something. It sounds so ludicrous I really feel like I should find out. I imagine it will be another one of those scientific findings I miss out on, though. I am planning a trip to Cincy in November. Maybe I’ll stop by the museum. I’ll let you know what I find out.

  3. It is fun to reflect that the creationism movement has steadily evolved to meet the challenges of maintaining itself in the modern world. But don’t tell them.

  4. The sad thing about all these types of controversies is that they obscure genuine learning and truth-seeking. The truth is, the “theory of evolution” is still evolving. People do not know everything, and assumptions are proven mistaken in greater numbers every day. However, interpreting the quest for knowledge as a “mistake” is pretty depressing. A lot of bright young people are being involved in what is essentially, a stupid late-Victorian battle. I find that very sad.