From InConJunction, Late

inconjunctionI knew this one was going to be late, but I have to apologize.  This is ridiculously late.

However, here I am at InConJunction, the Indianapolis science fiction convention, and I’ve been having a fine time.


The folks are friendly, the dealer’s room is dangerous, the toastmaster is witty, the hall costumes are fun and there are giant inflatable things everywhere.  I do not know why there are giant inflatable things everywhere, but there are and they do liven up a hotel.incon-042

I’m typing a bit under the influence of being terribly tired.  It’s about 10 pm on Saturday now, and I was up until midnight yesterday (not late I know by con standards but late by mine) at the sing-along screening of the musical 1776, which was all kinds of fun.  Being in a whole room full of people singing along with “Sit DOWN, John!  For God Sakes John, SIT DOWN!” and “Hey, Mama, look sharp, here I be,” and most of all “Molassas to rum to slaves…”  was just fantastic.

incon-022I’ve got to stay awake tonight because I’m on an 11 pm panel which is my own fault as I volunteered for it, knew it would have “mature” subject matter but didn’t really stop to think how late they’d schedule it.  Ah well.  The bar coffee’s not bad.

In between these two points, I’ve talked about getting published, about me (there was a whole Sarah Zettel Q &A and people actually showed up!!) and Erica and I talked about Book View Cafe, and Captain Jack from “Torchwood.”   Everything has been well attended and the discussions lively.  So far the only downside is the hotel seems to have expected the 4th of July weekend in Indianapolis to be, well, WARM, and have set the air conditioning levels accordingly.  It has utterly failed to be warm and as a result this has been a very cold convention.  Oh well.  Otherwise, it’s been great.  Definitely must come to another.  incon-051




From InConJunction, Late — 3 Comments

  1. Indianapolis, “1776”, and John Barrowman. Clearly, I either need to do this convention, or follow your convention schedule! Things to like!!!

    In the meantime, I will be heading to Michigan the 16th to hide for several weeks. And please let it still be cooler than Texas.

  2. Kathi, it has to be cooler in Michigan than it is in Texas. It’s cooler almost everywhere else in the country. (It might not be cooler in a couple of deserts.) In fact, it’s even cooler in some other parts of Texas besides the one where you and I happen to live!

    Sorry, Sarah, for hijacking your comments section to discuss Texas weather. But it’s damn hot down here. When you observed that it wasn’t warm in Indianapolis over July 4, that was enough to make me want to be at InconJunction right there — you didn’t have to mention any of the other “cool” things going on.