Relationship Advice for the Nerdy

romanticI was intending this weeks blog to be more about the process of writing FOOL’S WAR (<Shameless plug on> available now for online reading and download on the main Book View Cafe site.  <Shameless plug off> ), but I got a bit distracted.

Last week, I largely talked about the effect of my writing FOOL’S WAR on my relationship with my then-boyfriend, now-husband.  This week, he found a terrific post on dating within the geek world.

Gotta say, it’s pretty much spot on.  So, in the interests of furthering romance in the community, I offer How to Successfully Meet and Court the Nerdy Girl.




Relationship Advice for the Nerdy — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you extraordinarily for putting me onto that website! I bookmarked it and sent your link to three of my friends. Yes! (Offers virtual high-5)

    Pat from ASFS

  2. It is an excellent site, isn’t it? I’ve bookmarked them myself.

    Phyl: How could you think it was just you? You’re SURROUNDED by professional nerd-girls (and nerd-women) here.

  3. Surely there is a matching site for girls to find nerd boys? My son fits the profile exactly already.

  4. I’ve ignited a firestorm over on Facebook with this website. One woman thinks Americans are nuts because consumerism seems to define geekiness. What about puzzle-solving ability and enjoyment? I assured her that those are also much valued and wanted. The movie and game stuff is dessert, not bread and protein. After all — you can share movies and books, introducing new squeeze to same. But having that weird sense of humor that values XKCD is more precious than rubies.