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The Scarlet Letter

I slept through it! My comment on The Scarlet Letter aired on Weekend Edition Sunday this morning, and I slept through it! I got up at 7, turned on the radio, and then lay down on the couch, since I was up late on Saturday. Of course I fell back asleep and somehow managed to sleep through both someone saying my name on the radio and my own voice.

Thank God for the Internet, because I listened to myself here, and you can, too. And in case you’re too lazy to do that, here’s the gist of what I said: The Scarlet Letter is funny. Intentionally funny — there’s a lot of satire there. Hawthorne, writing in 1850, was mocking Puritanism. Reading it makes me suspect that there was a lot more interesting writng and social critique going on in the 19th Century than I would have thought.


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