Writing Fool’s War

new-this-weekI’m very pleased to announce that my science fiction novel FOOL’S WAR is now available for free online reading on Book View Cafe.

FOOL’S WAR was my second-ever science fiction novel, and it almost didn’t get written.

I’d gotten a two book contract with the now much-renamed Time Warner books.  The first book RECLAMATION had done well enough (for me, not spontaneously bursting into flames on the shelves would have been well enough, but publishers are more picky about these things).  The Editor and I had not discussed what the follow-up would be ahead of time, so after a lot of finger-nail chewing and staring at various blank pages and screens, I wrote up three proposals, including one for expanding a short story that had recently appeared in the magazine Analog, Science Fiction and Fact, called “Fool’s Errand.”

The Editor didn’t like any of them.

I was stunned, and crushed, and frightened.  What if it had been a one shot?  What if I couldn’t come up with another decent idea?  Was this IT?

Then, I had an idea.  I sent The Editor the short story.  After all, I’d already gotten it past one editor, right…?

Much to my relief, it worked.  The Editor accepted the story, and the much better second write up, and we were in business.  It remains the book I wrote the fastest (adreneline will do that for you).  It also remains my most popular.

It’s also the book that sealed my relationship with my then-boyfriend, now husband.

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