Two Lumps: A Very Short Review

Cat-related items on the Internet are truly without end — I trust everyone caught the Salon article earlier this year, explaining how the Internet is made of and for kittens.  Here is a web comic, Two Lumps, of great charm.  twolumps1

The two lumps in question, cats Ebenezer and Snooch, live lives of great imagination, punctuated by delirium and overindulgence in wine, cat food, and song.  I particularly admire how the cats really do lie around in realistically observed cat attitudes.  Their Mom never appears except as feet or hands, doling out the love or the food.  View the comic at


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Two Lumps: A Very Short Review — 2 Comments

  1. This is darling, Brenda, thank you for pointing it out. (Yes, Benny would hate ‘darling’.) Their RSS initial feed is apparently not happy with Firefox (sends repeats of several as new ones) but that beats the machine downloading them since the start of the blog.

    The Ritz crackers slays me. My Merlyn loves yogurt, but has learned to be careful. One time I was eating lemon, and told him he would not like this kind, it wasn’t like the vanilla or white chocolate raspberry. He insisted, so I gave him the container.

    One lick. I swear he looked at me and said: “What did you do to this? Is this some sick joke?”

  2. My cat anecdote of the day revolves around the feline Olympic sport, Synchronized Sleeping. I caught three of mine snoozing neatly, head to tail, in a circle in the shade. Unfortunately I had no camera. When i went back they had shifted into another figure, slumbering in echelon on the steps.