WisCon Report #1: A Brief Note from the KC Airport

BVC Panel at WisCon

I’m still on my way home from WisCon, but thanks to WiFi in the Kansas City Airport I can make a short report. Here, from left to right, are Jennifer Stevenson, Madeleine Robins, Sylvia Kelso and me (Nancy Jane Moore) just before our panel on Book View Cafe and how you, too, can start an online publishing site (my personal name for the panel).

I’m futzing with the computer, which defined the beginning of the panel. But we did have a chance to explain what we were doing and how it worked. I’ll provide more details and more photos (thanks to Sylvia’s friend Brendan) in my usual Thursday blog post.



WisCon Report #1: A Brief Note from the KC Airport — 2 Comments

  1. As always when there’s a camera in the room, I seem to have my eyes closed.

    It was a good panel: people came and were interested, asked questions…and I got to put faces to the names of people (Sylvia and Nancy) I hadn’t met before. Over all it was a swell convention.