STAR TREK 2009 – A short review

Well, it’s time for applause. The new gang directing and producing the next incarnation of the STAR TREK franchise has come up with a movie that should appeal to long-time fans of the series as well as new audiences.

How to talk about this story without giving things away? Well, we have one pie-in-the-sky plot point that is “Shades of Classic Star Trek, Batman!” We’re talking about time travel and possible paradoxes. What we end up with is introducing all the major characters from the first show (bridge crew, Chief Engineer and Chief Medical Officer) but in new and different ways – all the way from who knows whom first, extra romantic entanglements, totally missing history re-arranged – to Leonard Nimoy showing up to explain what’s happening.

And it works.

The acting is solid, and occasionally brilliant. The trademark lines are not clichés but in their first go-around, and make delightful sense. The CGI is great, but it upholds the story, instead of annihilating it. And there was no point where I would have said: “Get on with it!” I could have hung in there for more – the web holding together the story was that good.

If you liked any incarnation of Star Trek, you should go see this movie. If you like fast-moving adventure science fiction, go for it. If Star Trek has never appealed, you should try this anyway, because this might be your Star Trek.

This might even be worth buying, and I’m a Netflix girl, I buy almost nothing in film.

Two thumbs up, as Roger Ebert would say. Get thee to a theater!


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