From our friend Peter S. Beagle, “A Personal Request to All My Fans”

Peter S. Beagle says:

Peter S. Beagle

If you’ve ever read and enjoyed one of my books or stories, or seen and enjoyed one of the films that I scripted, I’d like to ask a favor of you. It’s simple, really — if at all possible, within the next month please do one of the following things.

1) Go to and buy a subscription to my year-long 52/50 Project (more about which, below).

2) Go to and buy any single book or DVD of my work, either for you or as a gift for a friend.

3) If you can’t make a purchase yourself, try and get someone else interested enough to take the leap.

As for why I’m asking, that’s even simpler: you will change my life.

Continued at The Raven, Peter S. Beagle’s newsletter

Peter S. Beagle is an old friend and a wonderful writer. He was also extremely kind to me when I was a no-name pup. All of us know about “paying forward”; it’s rare to be able to try to return kindnesses directly, but I hope this note goes some way to doing so. Peter has not been treated well or fairly by many of the people and organizations he’s done business with.

We can help. Read his newsletter; subscribe to the 52/50 project or buy one of his books. If you haven’t read his work, you’re in for a treat. If you have, you already know the new project will be well worth your support.

— Vonda

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From our friend Peter S. Beagle, “A Personal Request to All My Fans” — 12 Comments

  1. Whenever anyone asks for one of those “favorite books” or “books you can’t leave behind” or desert island lists, one of those books is always Peter S Beagle’s I SEE BY MY OUTFIT. I have read this book, probably once a year or more since I discovered it. It’s a book about joy and friendship and growing up and travel and frustration and people. I have a signed copy I can’t find right now, but here is my 1964, yellowing pages, seventy-five cent Ballantine paperback.
    “Don’t nag me. I got the only men in the world that nags.”
    I can’t imagine life without this book.

  2. I had the privilege of writing an appreciation of Peter for the World Fantasy Convention program book, the year he was guest of honor.

    Andi, you have a lot of connections; if you can pass around the link to the newsletter, that would be great.


  3. Information about the 52/50 project is unfortunately well hidden at Conlan Press – one needs to click through to the shopping cart to find that it’s $25 and includes the lyrics already written up to this point in time, as well as what’s coming up in the year ahead.

  4. I’ve stuck this up on Facebook and mentioned it on the Fantasy Magazine Twitter stream, and will continue to put it out where I can. Weekly Beagle sounds like a pretty heavenly deal to me.

  5. Peter was at Comic-Con yesterday with a wonderful friend. (Whose name I didn’t catch.) He explained what he was doing there and why he hoped I’d buy a book. Of course I bought one and will keep on mentioning Peter in my blog.