The Singularity and Podcast Novels: Balticon 2009

I had sworn off cons for 2009. Once I decided not to go to Wiscon what was the point? Nothing is as much fun as Wiscon. But as they say: never say never. Turns out Balticon is on my schedule. Here’s how it happened:

The Book View Cafe Library of Congress gig is scheduled for Friday, Memorial Day weekend, the same weekend Balticon is scheduled for (and Wiscon I might add, but let’s just forget about that for now). As everyone outside of Maryland knows, DC is right next door to Baltimore so as soon as we wrap things up Downtown, we’re going to head out to Beemore.

Being intelligent, organized, and experienced in these things, Laura Anne, Brenda, and Sarah have scheduled themselves for a passel of panels. I, on the other hand, completely forgot to do that and so wound up with only a couple of items on the schedule: the alternative publishing panel (which is practically a BVC thing) and a reading slot. That’s going to leave me with about three empty days in a town known for drugs, a dying shipping industry, and John Waters movies.

As you read this, I know you think I should take advantage of being trapped in this DC suburb and scout around for some location shooting of The Wire. I should do that, but what the heck, I’m at Balticon; might as well see what’s going on there. I peruse the program and what do I find but a number of interesting-sounding panels on one of my topics of the moment: The Singularity. There’s an AI in the Novel panel, an Explain the Singularity panel, and Stranger Things: Singularity. As if that wasn’t enough who do you suppose is the GoH? None other than the current king of the Singularity, Charles Stross. I simply must stop by and worship him. Maybe I’ll even get up the nerve to ask him to guest post at my Singularity Watch blog.

But that’s not all.

The real topic of this con seems to be my second fascination at the moment: podcast books. There are tons of podcasting panels from Podcasting 101 to Podcasting Couples (About how family dynamics affect the show off and on the mic. Note: think I’ll skip that one), to After the Recording is Done (how to promote your masterpiece). And the princes of podbooks, Scott Sigler and Evo Terra are both all over the map (kind of like Laura Anne, Brenda, and Sarah).

This con is shaping up to be, dare I say it? great. Since I’m in the middle of working on my own podcast book I really need to go to this thing. I need to touch base with Scott and Evo.

And I must stop by and worship Charles.

I guess I’ll skip the hunt about town for The Wire celebs and actually participate in the con.

See you back here with a bellyful of post human info and how to podcast to the world about it.

Sue Lange
Sue Lange’s bookshelf at BVC




The Singularity and Podcast Novels: Balticon 2009 — 4 Comments

  1. Keep in mind that Balticon is no longer in downtown Baltimore. It’s way out in deepest suburbia, outside the beltway towards York, near a big shopping mall. We must go to the best barbecue restaurant in Maryland, however — it is just around the corner.


  2. So Stross gets your worship, but I have share half of a base-touch with Sigler? Dammit. My plan. It fails.


    I hope you have a great time at Balticon. I was there 2 years ago and enjoyed it enough to make a second trek out from Phoenix for it. And please *do* find us. Just look for the gaggle of podcasters & new media stars. We stand out like Furries at an RNC convention.