Dreamsnake, the eBook

Book View Cafe presents Dreamsnake, in its first legitimate ebook edition, including a new Afterword.

More information, and serpent photos, below the jump.

Albino cobra: Photo by Tanith TyrrDreamsnake is available in serial form, one chapter per week, and as an ebook subscription in Mobipocket/prc, PDF, or html formats.

Dreamsnake was published in 1978. It won the Nebula Award®, the Hugo Award, the Locus Award, and the Pacific Northwest Booksellers’ Award.

Here’s a place to post your comments about the story or about the ebook itself. Let me know what formats you’d like to see ebooks in.

You can find Dreamsnake on Vonda N. McIntyre’s Bookshelf at the BVC website.

You can also weigh in with suggestions on the fantasy cast of the (non-existent, alas) movie version of Dreamsnake, at the blog post “Casting Dreamsnake.”

— Vonda

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Dreamsnake, the eBook — 15 Comments

  1. I might have missed something on the site, but I couldn’t tell if the Dreamsnake subscription is to subscribe to it serialized, or if you can buy the whole ebook at once to download in its entirety. Figured I’d ask first! I’d love to read it again and my paper copy is packed away in a box who knows where. But I don’t have much patience for reading in little bits (or on my computer for that matter). 😉


  2. Sniff. Wants it in eReader for my iPhone I does. Um. And I owe you email don’t I? Had very spotty access while I was out of town


  3. Robin, the serialized version is free. If you go to http://www.bookviewcafe.com/index.php/Vonda-N.-McIntyre/Novels/ you’ll see two Dreamsnake panels — the first is to buy it in downloadable form (at the moment I have Mobipocket/Palm (.prc is the filetype), html, and PDF.

    The second leads to the first chapter. The second chapter will be up on Sunday. Dreamsnake has 13 chapters, plus an afterword that hasn’t appeared elsewhere.

    I’ll try to make those panels a little clearer.

    Thanks for the feedback!


  4. Just re-read this story, bought the book from Amazon, and loved it as much as the first time I read it some decades ago.

    There are so many appealing elements. The healers’ society, the strong women characters in general, the main character in particular, to name three of them.

    I wonder if you ever thought of setting other stories in this ‘universe’?

  5. Thanks, Vonda.

    Just finally got time to check back here again. I don’t mind paying at all. I just wanted to make sure I could get the whole book at once. It was the term “subscription” that confused me, making it sound like you only paid once, but would still maybe have to download in installments.

    Now I need to wait a bit again though cause I’ve been naughty with how many books I’ve bought this last week. Heh. In the meantime I’ve been enjoying your short stories I downloaded from your website. I read one in between each 3 or so novels I read as a treat.

  6. RLM — Useful information. I’ll see what I can do about the wording to clear it up. I’m new at this selling ebooks biz and am grateful for all feedback.

    To clarify: Yep, “subscribe” means you have access to the complete ebook, and for Dreamsnake it’s in several formats.



  7. Thanks for making Dreamsnake available in ebook form. It has been one of my wife’s and my favorite stories for years. Just bought the subscription.

  8. Hi Bradley — thanks for the kind words, and thanks for supporting ebooks by authors.

    What format do you find most useful? Was there a format you wished was there, but wasn’t?



  9. Hi – Much thanks for making this book available in e-format.

    I have owned a copy, in one format or another, since it first had a UK release. Now I am all up-to-date and modern, with an iRiver Story, I get to carry it around with me at all times.


  10. The BEST story I ever read in my life (I read a lot, and I am 48)! I red it years ago, and now again. As soon as I handle my pay-pal…
    Thank You!
    Greeting from Croatia

  11. Finally, I manage to handle my pay-pal. I will be regular customer on bookviewcafe.

    I have no words to describe my deep happy emotions reading “Dreamsnake”…

    Thank You for sharing Your “universum” with us in such divine way!

  12. This was one of my favorite books. I read the story first years ago and fell in love with it. And than was fortunate to come across the novel years after and was enchanted again.

    Thank you for this wonderful book.

    Greetings from Sarajevo.