Brenda Visits

Brenda Clough (rhymes with rough) is born. Some time after that Brenda grows up to be a teenager. At one point in  mid-teenhood, she is exposed to comic book x-rays and subsequently mutates into a scribbler, i.e. a writer. All hopes for a normal life pass into the ozone. Almost instantly her novella, Revise the World, is nominated for both a Hugo and a Nebula. She joins Book View Cafe. Which brings us up to date, i.e. last weekend when she met me.

On Saturday Brenda ventured across the state line to travel to Philly on SFFWA business. Around 7pm she honored me by swinging by the Reading area. I put her up at my pal Liz’s farm for the night. We shared a bottle of red before retiring, me to my own place and Brenda to the little boy’s room. Not the bathroom, the little ghost boy’s room. The one with the perennially cracked windows that no matter how many times Liz gets a glazier in, they reman cracked. The little boy is adamant. All things must stay as they were on That Day. We have no way of knowing what happened on That Day, but we fear the worst. A couple years ago, the local ghost busters recorded the little boy saying “I love you.” I guess it’s a sort of lovable, Casper-type ghost. At any rate, Liz now has a certificate of ghost occupancy that she keeps in a locked suitcase in the attic. Apparently the little boy decided he loves Brenda too because he let her sleep through the night.

The following morning, Sunday, I picked up a refreshed and bright Brenda for breakfast of bacon, hashbrowns, toast, juice, and latte at my place. Sufficiently suffonsified, we headed to Riverfront Park for the Prose Jam taping (previews to come), the reason she honored me with the visit and endured a night in a haunted house in the first place. 

We ordered up a beautiful day and enjoyed an hour or so of authorial-type banter  centered on the glamorous writing life. 

We were blessed with two camera guys, Sean the official one from the TV station, and the rogue camera guy, Gary, my SO who was trying out his new prosumer camcorder. Due to their professionalism and expertise, we now have some fabulous Brenda-out-in-the-world footage. I can now emphatically state that Brenda not only charms the pants off the camera, but she is eloquent, knowledgeable, and ultimately delightful to hang around with as well. We had a blast. Previews to come.

Judging from the rough cuts I’ve viewed I’d say Brenda has a long and exciting career ahead of her as an onscreen personality for small and local TV shows. 

Welcome to the boob tube, Brenda Clough (rhymes with rough). And thanks for being you. 

Sue Lange, signing off.




Brenda Visits — 2 Comments

  1. The entire thing was such a success that I foresee a stampede of writers to southeast PA. You already have a waiting list, right?