I’m posting late. I’m almost unpardonably late. But I have a good excuse.

See, today was the first truly glorious Saturday of spring. And the camera wasn’t working. So I had to go to the camera store. And it turns out the camera store (unfortunately) is closing and having a going out of business sale. Well, turns out the current camera had blown a sensor, which would cost more to replace than the camera was worth.

And the camera store had a new camera for 40% off. Not for me, you understand. But for my son, who is 7 and a budding Ansel Adams. So, you know, I had to spoil him just a little. And then, of course, since he had a new camera we had to go on a “camera walk,” and photograph flowers, and birds, and cats, and cars, and dogs and the sky, and street signs and stop signs, and more flowers, and the twig shaped exactly like a Y.

So that’s why I’m late.




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