Something About Altoids

Apparently, Altoids have now officially entered into the realm of cool I always envisioned for them.  They have their retro ads available for view on the internet now.

Before I continue, I must reiterate that I lost a tooth due to Altoid overuse – that’s right, they rotted my right rear molar and that’s my implant.  So don’t eat them constantly, or use the noncool, but healthy sugar-free kind.

AltoidtinsThese are a series of etched and copper plated Altoid tins created by Jake Von Platt of the Steampunk Workshop.  Jake has a total how-to if you feel so inclined to produce a tin of this nature for your very own.  The one type of printmaking technique I’ve never done is etching, so by looking at the plastic smoking vat of terror Jake has depicted via photo method, I can now see why.

You can read the original Altoid tribute here.  When I saw the retro Altoid commercials, I was like, “No Way!”



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