The Draft Hits Haymarket Rioters

By Flash Hottie alias Jennifer Stevenson


Jubilation!  Three of my fellow Haymarket Rioters have been drafted into home teams of the Windy City Rollers!  I’m so proud I could bust!


Rose Feratu went to the Manic Attackers.  Rose is a delicately lovely girl with a taste for jello shots and the fiercest, most joyous derby heart on the farm team.  She can be found at the WCR site under the Manics of course, and on Facebook here.

Shannanigan went to the Fury, where her height and speed are sure to be appreciated whether a “snowplow” jammer or a blocker is needed.  At her most recent scrimmage practice she spent more time in the penalty box than on her ass, which is really admirable, particularly for fresh meat.  See her on Facebook and on the Fury page.


Myra Maines now skates for the Double Crossers.  Fresh meat or no, Myra jumped right into aggressive blocking.  She packs a major wallop with an average-to-slight build, and her speed and agility make her great jammer material. 


It makes me incredibly proud, and envious in a really good way, to watch these girls skate for such great teams after working side by side with them these past months.  RIOTERS KICK BUTT!



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