Is BVC Fiction Good For You?

Do you do things that are good for you? Or do you do things because you like doing them?

Mikey got it right: he does it because he likes it. Don’t tell Mikey, but, by the way, breakfast cereals can be good for you, too.

Keith Oatley, a Toronto based psychologist, has been working the problem of fiction: Is fiction good for you?

In a recent article in the Greater Good Magazine
Oatley reports, “It (fiction) measurably enhances our abilities to empathize with other people and connect with something larger than ourselves.”

Fiction is about characters and trying to understand how characters act and feel and why they do certain things. By reading fiction we start to understand the possibilities for human actions and motivations. Oatley’s research concludes that fiction is good for you.

So, you want to read some of the Book View Cafe fiction? Go ahead, you’ll enjoy it.

Darcy Pattison



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