Book Release Day

betrayal-cover150Today’s the day!  My fantasy novel, The Betrayal, is officially released for sale today by Del Rey Books.  Ask for it at your favorite bookstore.

To celebrate, I’ve uploaded another excerpt to Book View Cafe.   The BVC crew is cooking up a contest, too, with a free copy of The Betrayal as a prize.  Stay tuned for more about that in the next few days.  We’ll announce it in the blog.  (Hint:   it’ll be tweet!)

About the novel:

Centuries ago the ælven vanquished their enemies, the alben, and drove them across the Ebon Mountains. Now the leader of the blood-hungry alben, Shalár, is determined to win back her people’s home in the ælven lands.

When the touch of a hand and a caring thought create a psychic bond that can span vast distances, the lives of two young ælven strangers are forever changed. Turisan and Eliani share the legendary gift of mindspeech, which can aid their people on the eve of war­but only if they are willing to embrace an irrevocable intimacy.

Can Eliani, wounded by false love, open her heart to a stranger? Can Turisan gain her trust and prove himself a worthy leader of his clan? Time is running out as the alben mount their attack­and their ultimate betrayal.




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