Feedback Saturday — Reader Reviews

Working on the site is something we do on a regular basis, and naturally the question comes up about which features we should add in to make things better/more ineresting/easier for our readers.

This time, the question of allowing user comments and reviews has come up.  So, here’s this week’s question; do you like being able to have access to reader comments or reviews for a story?  Do you want them for a story you’re thinking about buying?  Has a review ever made you not read or not buy a story?




Feedback Saturday — Reader Reviews — 1 Comment

  1. I’m surprised that no one’s left a comment here yet. I like checking reviews for non-specialist non-fiction, such as books about fibercraft which aren’t historically precise. For other things, including fiction, I find I’m pickier than the average reviewer… and for a few things, I seem much more tolerant than the average reviewer.

    Anyway, have you seen this? (Or is it, in part, what’s behind this post?)