Today is the equinox, literally “even night.”  I like the English better than the Latin so I used it in my new fantasy novel, The Betrayal.

Evennight is when night and day are of equal length.  A time of balance.  A time of change from mostly dark to mostly light (or vice versa).  A time to pause and take a breath before moving ahead. In spring, it’s also a time of new beginnings, of planting seeds. 

The seed I’m planting is the start of a new series of novels.  Actually it was planted long ago, with the publication of “Kind Hunter,” and now it is about to bloom.

I’ve been looking forward to this Evennight.  The Betrayal is scheduled for release on March 24, so I’ve been thinking of it as an Evennight book.  It’s the start of something new for me, or rather a return to something old.  My published series of novels was historical fiction, but fantasy is my first love and I’m delighted to come home to it.

So what is The Betrayal about?  The dark and light that are in all of us, and how we struggle to balance them.  Old legends and new interpretations.  How some different ideas from different traditional fantasy tropes might merge.

Elves and vampires.  <g>

I’ll be posting a new excerpt at Book View Cafe on the release date, March 24.  The first excerpt is still available on my bookshelf.

In the meantime, today I will celebrate the changeover from dark to light/old to new with a visit to my garden.   Think about the world and where it is right now on this day of balance, and what changes I’d like to see in the coming warmer months.

How about you?




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