Report from Flycon

Flycon is flying. It’s been busy so far. I’ve personally participated in 5 panels:

epublishing, Genre Satire, Editing, Social Media, and Online Society.

This is different from regular cons in that we’re not shuffling around from room to room. Because of that there’s no time in between panels. There’s a lot less going on, but it feels like there’s more because of that and the fact that the panels themselves are fast paced. Lots of people talking at once. There’s no real distinction between panelists and viewers. Everyone asks questions; everyone answers. Internet free-for-all.

If a panel only has only a few participants, like the Genre Satire panel did, then everyone tends to surf while waiting for questions to get answered. That panel dragged. Usually in real life cons, when there aren’t many audience members, the panels remain fairly lively. Just more intimate, but certainly not dead.

There’s been some confusion as to start times because the schedule is so complicated with its 5 times zones: two in Australia, London, and two in the U.S. Most of the panels are starting right on time and overflowing a little as various conversations finish up. So all in all, it’s been a very efficient con.

One weirdness I’ve discovered: I’ve been giving out panel times as EST. I forgot we’re on Daylight Savings Time, so I think that should be EDT. Not sure if that’s what it’s called or not. Somehow people are showing up at the panels at the same time I am so I guess the schedulers know what they’re doing.

Coming up at 3pm is the BVC chat #1 with Sarah, Pati, and Sylvia I believe.

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The whole con is free of charge.

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Headin’ back.

Sue Lange

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Report from Flycon — 3 Comments

  1. That was lots of fun! Thanks for your time in that panel. I love hearing about women getting together and doing stuff.

    BTW, NZ isn’t part of Australia.

  2. It’s only four time zones if you don’t expect other timezone people to show up ^^.

    I showed up on Friday evening (my time zone, which is GMT+1) and it was fun. I met Maya from BVC who did good pr ^^ *waves*