Feedback Saturday

open-book-graphicI’ve just finished my first panel during the first international, internet sciece fiction convention.  It was…a lot like a regular panel, except I couldn’t see any of my fellow panelists, and I had to supply my own water.  But otherwise, it was quite cool.

The subject was the Evolution of the Online Community, and one of the major topics was how Twitter and Facebook have taken off, while Second Life has kind of stalled out.  Our conclusion, Second Life isn’t flexible enough, and doesn’t allow you do what amounts to gossip with your friends at the drop of a hat.

So, strange question, do people who read, or find books online want gossip wrapped up with their reading, or do they just want to be able to go off with the tools they’re used to and talk about the books?  Or, alternately, do they just want to be able to read gossip/reviews about the books/stories to help them make their choice?

Is a mechanism for talk back essential to a successful reading site?

And if you’re hear from Flycon, welcome!

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Feedback Saturday — 2 Comments

  1. Sarah,

    That was the best panel so far. It was my fifth so I know what I’m talking about.

    The next best was the one on the role of social media just before it. The more people that come to the panels, the better they are. It really doesn’t matter who the experts are as long as everyone is giving opinions.

  2. I don’t know about a feedback thing on the regular site , now that you have the blog… maybe if people want to ask or gush about a story you released, you could make a topic here for that and link to it, so they could give you feedback right away?