FLYCON: the Virtual Science Fiction Conference

Life is moving online, it seems.  This weekend an international Science Fiction and Fantasy conference is being held in the realm of electrons.  No conference fees!  No hotel charges!  No endless waits for an elevator, bad hotel restaurant food, long walks to panel rooms…

Flycon 2009 is a grand experiment.  Because it’s taking place in virtual space, there’s stuff happening 24/7.  (OK, that’s true of a lot of cons, I guess—but in the wee hours things tend to flag.  Not with this one!  When London goes to bed, Australia will be full of energy.)

The schedule includes bunches of panels, plus author chats.  There will even be a Masquerade—dress yourself up, take a snap, and upload it.  I don’t know what the prizes are—virtual trophies?

I’ll be attending from the comfort of my office.  I’m on several panels as well as a chat with fellow Book View Cafe authors.  I’m looking forward to discovering how this works, and to meeting and chatting with some of our readers.

Now, to brush up my author duds…oh, wait!  I don’t need them!  I can do it in my jammies!

I think I’m going to like this.

—Pati Nagle ~ The Betrayal ~




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