Feedback Saturday – What’s Missing?

There’s going to be a conference call soon.  It’s going to be discussing the future of the Book View Cafe and areas where we should look at channelling our resources to make the site better, more flexible and accessible, and of course, how to let you know about the new online and print titles we’ve all got coming out.

So, we’re asking; what’s missing from the site?  What do you want or need that we haven’t got right now?

Other quesiton: if you’re a registered BVC user, did you get your newsletter?  Did you like your newsletter?  What news would you like to be getting from BVC?




Feedback Saturday – What’s Missing? — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve enjoyed Maya’s writing tips and exercises and as you’ve asked I suppose I would like to see more of that sort of thing.
    Perhaps a few writing competitions?
    More open evenings where readings can speak ‘live’ on line to writers in a chat room setting?
    Guess bloggers *cough* posting a short story of their own?
    Anyway, there’s a couple of ideas to get on with 🙂

  2. I’d like to know, when a novel is offered, if it’s complete or just the first chapters. That information is rather obscure to me right now. The “premium content” led me to a loopy series of links that went nowhere, but you must know that already. I’m looking forward new stuff from this site!
    Thanks for all the work.