Nancy Jane’s Fiction Comment Page

It suddenly occurred to me last weekend that while anyone (except spammers) can comment on my posts here on the Book View Cafe Blog, I didn’t have any place where folks could make observations about the stories I’m putting up on Book View Cafe.

There’s no comment function on the main Book View Cafe site; it isn’t set up for that. But, I thought, why not have a link on each story to a page where people can discuss it?

So I set up Nancy Jane Moore’s Fiction Comment Page. There’s a link on each story to the post for comments on that particular story, and links on the comment page back to the stories. It’s set up on Live Journal because I had an account there I wasn’t using, but you don’t have to be a member to comment.

So if you have a reaction to one or more of my stories, please stop by and tell me what you think.


Nancy Jane’s flash fiction for this week is “Happily Ever After.” Her collection Conscientious Inconsistencies is available from PS Publishing and her novella Changeling can be ordered from Aqueduct Press.


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