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Our foray into the world of writerly chats ( last evening was successful. We were on time, awake and entertaining. We did not have browser issues. Our user names and colors were acceptable to all participants in the room. We answered their questions efficiently and truthfully. We gave away free copies of our work. The recipients seemed happy, no eager, to receive our humble gifts. In short we conquered.

The most asked question of the evening was how does an aspiring writer become a member of BVC. We hemmed and hawed for several moments until Brenda Clough came up with the correct answer. Hopefully she’ll read this and let us all know.




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  1. Oh, you mean combat trials! They used to do this all the time at the Legion of Super Heroes — nothing like demonstrating your powers under pressure for avoiding tiresome exposition and bringing action to the page. The X-Men don’t do this, do they — Prof. Xavier just acquires a new student and tosses them in. How does one become a new Avenger?

    I volunteer Nancy Jane, with her unarmed combat credits, for the BVC job. And you know Elizabeth Moon is death with a sword.

  2. See, this really works for a group like us. We have the talent, the content, “the moon, the cheese, the whole damn nation on it’s knees.”