Things That Don’t Go Away

My new “Things That Don’t Go Away,” column is now up on BookSpot Central.  Perhaps unwisely, I am wading into a new variant on an old debate…

“It has come to the attention of yr. humble author that down in the intertubes, a new variant an old argument has taken place. For those who want a summary, and links, Metafilter provides these. The short version, however, is this: Once again, an argument has arisen over how writers of American speculative fiction should/shouldn’t, do/don’t, can/can’t present people/beings who are not white, American and male.

It is a fact that the authors of speculative fiction who come from the United States remain majority white and majority male and the majority of the human beings presented in the futures imagined by these authors remain white and male.

The question is then, with all the changes in the culture that have taken place in the US over the last 70 years, why is this still the case? Since arguments about the presentation of race/culture/gender in American SF is is clearly one of those things That Don’t Go Away, I humbly submit that a historical overview of science fiction in the US might be useful here.”

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