Agogwe, Bigfoot and Hobbits

One of my current favorite books is Bigfoot, I Not Dead by Graham Roumieu. Of course Bigfoot not dead. Bigfoot stomp paparazzi face every day. Then Bigfoot visit with crack-smoking pigeons.

I have to say that before today, I hadn’t heard of Agogwe or “the Agogwe,” a modest-sized East African hominid who’s been sighted every-so-often by hunters, and who is obviously well-known among native African peoples.

Agogwesmall1Cryptozoologists speculate that the Agogwe could be a species of australopithecine or even a type of “proto-Pygmy.” The Agogwe is also described in the cryptid literature as a “smaller-than-normal hominid.” I can’t say how much this weirds me out. Not that I object to a different “humanlike” creature or hominid out there. I think it’s the “proto-Pygmy” and “smaller-than-normal” explanation that sounds so disturbing. This implies that some other hominid is a proto-human (i.e. homo erectus, etc.) and that Pygmies have another type of “abnormal” ancestor that is still living in African forests. Ya think they’d know, wouldn’t you?

The Yeti (Abominable Snowman) is another favorite hominid-type cryptid, probably best-portrayed in Bugs Bunny cartoons (“I’m going to hug you and love you and call you George”).

But the real-world (non-cryptid, as they’ve been officially unearthed) tiny hominid “hobbits” or homo floresiensis from Indonesia could be almost as fascinating if people would quit trying to “explain” their presence on the island of Flores as “diseased” humans or — stunted cretins.

All of this — the real-world “hobbits” who lived approximately 18,000 years ago on the island of Flores in Indonesia — speaks to my poorly-formed idea that Jung may have had it right, that there is a collective human subconscious mind. It could be a coincidence that Tolkien envisioned hairy-footed, child-sized and childlike hobbits as a humanlike, but unhuman people in his stories. Does this mean that the immortal Elven people could have been real as well, and that our earth — has more in common with Middle Earth than we could imagine at present? Well — yes — maybe it does. I much prefer to think of the fossil hobbits as small, humanlike creatures living out their lives on the island than thinking of them as “diseased” ordinary humans, only made tiny by a lack of iodine in their diet or by some other biological problem. Real hobbits are much, more more exciting. And I suppose this means that Yeti and Bigfoot are straight out of “Land of the Giants” or — they are the basis for Goliath. How fun is that?




Agogwe, Bigfoot and Hobbits — 2 Comments

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