Everything tastes better with music

How’s the saying go? Everything tases better with Bluebonnet on it? That’s just 70s hype and pretty dang stupid. The truth is everything tastes better with music on it. On it, in it, about it, around it, through it, after it, under it, and behind it. The soundtrack of our lives contains a long list of greatest hits annotated, indexed, and personalized to carry us through to our senility, when everything will finally one day make sense. We’ll be happy then, thanks to the music playing in our heads.

Everything does taste better with music on it, even failure. Look at the Tragedies. The Greek ones all had their chorus. And think of the music surrounding the modern ones: Death in Venice, Mozart’s life in general, Zeferelli’s Romeo & Juliet which leads us into West Side Story of course. Failure with music tastes better than failure without.

The failure I’m specifically referring to now is my story, The Failure, just launched here at BVC.

This Failure is about the human spirit of all things. How cliche. I maintain, however, that we are attempting to change the human spirit so maybe it is no longer a cliche. I think we’re desperately trying to ditch our human spirit as we turn ourselves into perfect little quantifiable, sane, long-lived, politically correct, watered down, sterile, commodities. We are making ourselves, our environment, our lives safe: risk-free, controlled, predictable. You can count on our lives of the future.

Or so we think. I further maintain it’s never gonna happen. The safer we make the world for humanity, the more we squelch our indomitable human spirit. The pressure mounts. And like a fart in church, the more you hold it back, the bigger it is when it finally breaks free.

Take a listen to the music in the story (Count Basie, Benny Goodman) and see if you agree. It’s Sunday: go to church, listen to the music, unleash the spirit.

Sue Lange

The Textile Planet



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