Sarah Meets a Vampire

Okay, this is cheating. I know this is cheating, but it’s late, and I’m brain dead, and I’m supposed to be posting and…

But, my column “Things That Don’t Go Away,” is up on BookSpot Central. Today’s episode: “Hanging With a Vampire:”
[In which the author is discovered standing at her front door behind a pile of rice, holding her crucifix and holy water and calling out sacred names. Soundlessly, a silhouette slips up to the window, a pale hand is laid on the glass, and a rich voice, impossibly old and dangerously young at the same time begins to speak]

“Hey, can I come in? ‘Cause, like, the sun’s comin’ up and I’m gonna start sparkling any minute here.”


“Yeah. Can you let me in, please?”

“Holy cow! Get in here. Edward! I thought maybe…”

“Maybe, what? That I was like, a real vampire?”

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