FABLES #80: A Very Short Review

fables80Comics fans complain of the decompressed narrative, slow-moving plots that seem to be going nowhere. (The fashion equivalent would be side fat.)  Comics could be silly, they could be unlikely — and we are talking about a genre in which tall buildings are leapt in a single bound — and they could turn on a dime, but at least they always moved briskly along. This is no longer industry standard, so every time an issue comes along that hits the old mark, we must celebrate. And here you are, the latest FABLES.

In which enormous numbers of exciting and irrevocable things happen, all of them kicked into motion by the previous issues in the arc. Characters change and develop new qualities right before our very eyes,  surprising and yet upon reflection only the logical development of previous revelations. And, scary things are going to come out from under the bed! Very well done, and the only problem with it is that you cannot start with this issue. You need to go back and buy the last couple, so that you can know what’s going on. Possibly you will need to buy the last dozen issues. In fact it is not unlikely you will be driven to acquire the graphic novels, which are at least easier to buy than a passel of loose comics. There is nothing to be done about this, you might as well accept your fate.


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