Crossing Borders — Both National and Linguistic

Otras Miradas

My story, “Three O’Clock in the Morning” (“Las tres en punto de la mañana”), appears in Spanish in a new anthology, Otras Miradas, edited by Sergio Gaut vel Hartman.

Sergio is a science fiction writer and editor in Argentina. Among his many projects are two flash fiction blogs: Quimicamente Impuro, which consists of stories between 40 and 149 words, and Breves no tan Breves, stories between 150 and 750 words.

My story, “Statuary,” which is still available here on Book View Cafe, is now on Breves no tan Breves as “Estatuaria.”

Otras Miradas can be ordered from Instituto Movilizador de Fondos Cooperativos Ediciones desde la Gente division. To find the book, go to the section labeled “Buscador” in the upper right hand corner, and put the name Otras Miradas in the blank box. I haven’t tried this yet, so I’m not sure how international orders work. If anyone does order it for shipment outside Argentina, please put a note in the comments section telling me how it works.

There’s also a party for the publication of Otras Miradas and another book — Ian MacLeod’s Las Islas del Verano (The Summer Isles) — on Friday Jan. 9 in Buenos Aires. Details are available here on Facebook. I wish I could go, but unfortunately we haven’t invented teleportation yet and Buenos Aires is quite a long ways from Austin — it’s a little farther south of the Equator than Austin is north of same, and a good distance east as well. Still, it’s very cool to have a bit of connection to Ian MacLeod, whose work I love — I raved about his novella “Breathmoss” (now part of a collection from Golden Gryphon) when it appeared in Asimov’s years ago.

For those who don’t read Spanish, my story “God Bless” is up on Book View Cafe today in English. I wrote it before the current crop of disasters, but it does provide one way of responding to them nonetheless.


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