Nancy Jane Rants on the Radio

High Heeled ShoesNPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday let me rant about high-heeled shoes on the air this morning (Jan. 4) — an appearance that had nothing whatsoever to do with Book View Cafe or with fiction, but which did allow me to address a personal obsession of mine: Fashion that makes women vulnerable. Wearing high heels shifts your pelvis forward, putting you off balance. It’s hard to walk far in them, or to run at all. Basically, they limit what you can do, making you helpless in some situations.

Heels do make you look taller and there is a school of thought that says they make your legs look sexy. But those advantages don’t outweigh the fact that high heels handicap the wearer.

Enough ranting. I also want to announce that my Book View Cafe posting day for both stories and blog posts is moving to Thursdays as of this week. My next story,”God Bless,” a story that offers one solution to the problems facing us today, will appear on the front page Jan. 8.



Nancy Jane Rants on the Radio — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks, Nancy Jane. I’ve always had a real distaste for high heels, ever since I became old enough to actually wear them rather than clomp around in my mom’s. I’m sorry, but I like walking around (or running in, when I need to) “sensible shoes.” I was lucky enough to enter the workforce at a time when it was at least somewhat acceptable to wear low heels — if I had been born 10 years earlier, I wouldn’t have had a choice.

    What always amazes me, though, is watching women tap dance in those things in the films of the 30s and 40s. I have noticed that Eleanor Powell, whom I consider one of the greatest tap dancers on film (of either gender) hardly ever wore heels higher than an inch or so — and even then, never spikes. How Ginger Rogers got through all her films without breaking an ankle, I’ll never understand…

  2. How I agree, Nancy Jane. I have high-arched feet, which are supposed in lit-myth to look elegant and in real life are a pain from anything to long-distance running to tap-dancing, and high heels, which were around when I was a teen, were a nightmare for me. I can’t believe that young women are back into teetering around looking like spoonbill cranes on the way to a mating dance, and risking their ankles with every stride. Imho, the only time high heels like those in your pic look elegant is on the shelf in the ship.