Virtual Book Tour Launched

I guess today is Aqueduct Press day at the Book View Cafe blog. Nancy’s posting about Anne and I’m posting about…me.

I’m announcing my Virtual Book Tour in support of The Textile Planet. Just so happens that my first stop is at Ambling along the Aqueduct, the blog for Aqueduct Press.

My blog entry there has nothing whatsoever to do with The Textile Planet, but since I’m blogging there, I’m tacking it onto the tour, just so I can have more stops. It’s really only a numbers thing; has no meaning whatsoever. I want to do all the things I should as an author, but deep down inside I really hate marketing so I barely go through the motions. There’s little substance: I go on a Virtual Book Tour and then talk about things besides the book.

A complete list of my stops is at my other blog ( so I’m not going to list them here, mostly because I’m too lazy to go and get them. Suffice it to say, that I do plan on talking about the book at some point somewhere along the tour. Don’t know when though.

Meanwhile, have a nice day. Thanks for reading.

Sue Lange
The Textile Planet



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