Jimi Hendrix, the Singularity, and your family

Ever noticed that when you’re young your family resembles the Earth-centered version of the Universe? And then when you get older and things get more perspective your family resembles the solar system as it actually is?

There’s the Sun and the Moon: mom and dad. Which is which depends on your family’s dynamic. The younger siblings resemble the outer planets Uranus (because it sounds scatological) and Pluto (because we’re not even sure little bro should be in the family at all). The older siblings are definitely the inner sanctum planets. Mars if they’re sulky and cold from teenaged angst; Venus if their hormones are raging, turning them into burning, sulfurous, beds of hot lava. That leaves you: the third stone from the sun. And how appropriately Jimi Hendrix is that: strange but beautiful at the same time. (Don’t you just get a kick out of Jimi getting a kick out of people misunderstanding his lyrics to the point of him blowing the roadie a smooch as he sang ” ‘scuse me while I kiss this guy?” Strange but beautiful.)

And just as the universe expands ever outward so does the family until each member is as distant from each other as the planets will one day be. That is of course unless Sis needs a new car. Then there’s all kinds of gravity between her and Dad. Be that as it may, we move relentlessly apart until someday we will be one with the Universe, each of us a pattern of 0s and 1s as the Singularity is wont. Planets, family members, it will make no difference. We will race along until pure randomness takes over and a pattern of non-patterness is everywhere.

Strange and beautiful in a Purple Haze of way.

Is it tomorrow or just the end of time?

Sue Lange
The Textile Planet




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