A Week of Answering Questions

I spent last week as the “professional connection” on the Long Ridge Writers Group forum, fielding questions about writing in general and Book View Cafe in particular. It was a challenging week, but I was pleased to find that people were interested in what we’re doing on Book View Cafe.

Since I’m known for talking about feminist science fiction — I’m published by Aqueduct Press, have spoken on the subject at the Library of Congress, and had an online interview about feminist SF posted in both English and Spanish — I raised the topic on the forum. Some of the responses were a little unsettling and forced me to think carefully about how to reply effectively.

Here’s a transcript of my week of conversation.

Many thanks to Mary Rosenblum, who invited me to participate and to Long Ridge for providing the forum.

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A Week of Answering Questions — 2 Comments

  1. Good interview Nancy. I think you did a commendable job defining, or describing, feminism and feminist sf. The listeners had some articulate things to say on the subject too. It is a difficult subject to work with. As writers, we’re supposed to be trying to please everybody and anybody these days inorder to sell our work. We have to hide any feminist tendencies in our work lest we offend people that have no idea what feminism is, which is almost everybody and even I’m starting to get confused now.

    Fine job!