While you are giving thanks, help a family — Just a buck can change their luck

Just a buck? Well, if 10,000 people donate a dollar, a nice young couple won’t lose their house to the mortgage company. Their story is like so many stories right now. They are both ministers, Ebony currently a stay-at-home mom dealing with a special needs child, Daniel working elsewhere to support his family.

Frustration right now is pegging the meter — where and how can we help? Here’s one place. $1 — $5 — $10? It may save their house — or pay the deposit on a rental.

When you take old cars that break down and cost a bundle to fix, plus losing job, plus second mortgage to try to pull things back together, and stir in the fact that they loaned or gave away most of their savings in the past year to REALLY needy people — and an unexpected baby on the way — and you have a sliver of mainstream America.

Whether or not you can afford to donate, please repost!

— kek


About Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

Cat Kimbriel is working on a a contemporary fantasy about curses, ecological change, and very different ways of looking at the twilight worlds. She's still working on a short Nuala piece and mulling over a new Alfreda novel. You can find her fantasy & science fiction, including free samples, at her Book View Café bookshelf. These books can also be found at major online booksellers. Her personal blog is here, and you will find her on whatever social media currently interests her. Cat builds worlds that contain compassion and justice -- come join the journey.

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