Is John Howe Psychic?

In 1997, when I received my contributor’s copy of Elf Magic, an anthology that included my short story “Kind Hunter,” I was delighted with the cover illustration by John Howe. It matched my main character perfectly, and I came to think of it as having been drawn from my story. (Note, I don’t know if Mr. Howe even read the anthology, so this is merely my assumption.)

Recently I was looking through some photographs of a vacation we took near Ruidoso, New Mexico, some years ago. My husband pointed out the similarity between this photo of me sitting on an interesting tree and the Elf Magic cover.

Wow! Could Mr. Howe have somehow received a psychic impression of this image, and used it in his design? Granted, I don’t have a bow, and the tree doesn’t have a face (unless you count Ginger, hanging out under the curved trunk, as a woodland spirit). Even so, the two images are intriguingly similar.

I love this sort of thing!

“Kind Hunter” was my first take on the idea that eventually inspired my new fantasy series about the Ælven and their estranged and tormented kindred, the alben. (The story has a contemporary setting; the novels are its ancient history.) The series will debut in March 2009 with The Betrayal, but you can read “Kind Hunter” now at BookViewCafe.

–Pati Nagle




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  1. I tried to email this query to the contact email on the main website ([email protected]) but it came back as non-deliverable, so I’ll send it here instead.

    Would it be possible to have the books on the site set up as downloadable e-books? I recently bought a Kindle, and I’d love to read the stories/books on the site with it.

  2. Russ, I believe the ebook idea is in train, but don’t hold your breath. We’re still having too much fun with getting all the paragraphs in the right place.

  3. Russ:

    I’m sorry you had difficulty with the e-mail address. We are indeed planning on offering works from Book View Cafe in formats for download on the various e-readers, and you may be sure we’ll be making an announcement when we do. If you want to be sure you receive the announcement, please register with the site.

    Sarah Zettel
    Book View Cafe Project Manager

  4. Russ, I understand there’s a button at the top right of each story that will convert it into a PDF file which you might be able to download to an e-reader.

  5. My Kindle doesn’t support .pdfs, unfortunately, so I’d have to run them through a converter program. Which works, but isn’t optimal. I can also use the html pages and convert them. Guess I’ll do that for now.

    Thanks for the responses.