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Author : Jill Zeller

Author of numerous novels and short stories, Jill Zeller is a Left Coast writer, 2nd generation Californian, retired registered nurse, and obsessed gardener. She lives in Oregon with her patient husband, 2 silly English mastiffs and 2 rescue cats—the silliest of all.

The Wall by Anita Endrezze

Originally posted on February 3, 2017 by Ursula Le Guin with permission from the poet; post edited and updated by Jill Zeller. My friend Deborah

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Author Interview: Sarah Zettel

Interview by Katharine Eliska Kimbriel Founding member of Book View Café, Sarah Zettel, writes in multiple genres with multiple pen names; everything from hard SF

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A Little Trip Away

My sister and I agree that there is something special about Death Valley, California. This specialness is not the weather, or the silence, but instead

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A Rant from the Aged

More than the blinkering strangeness of the COVID pandemic loaded with fear and vituperation and the baffling denial by anti-vaxers and mask mandate resisters. More

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Why I Love Hellebores

How could any author of mystery or horror not love a flower named by the Greeks as “food to injure”, although the Greeks also administered

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