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Author : Jennifer Stevenson

Jennifer Stevenson writes wacky humor and blogs irregularly at Book View Cafe and at

BVC Eats: Mint julep

It helps if you grow mint in your yard.  The best mint is the kind with a sharp flavor—peppermint of some kind.  Spearmint is a

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BVC Eats: Chilequiles

This is a great big gloppy plate of comfort food, Mexican style: yet another recipe you can pull together, like stone soup or tacos, out

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BVC Eats: Golden paste for golden tea

Strictly speaking golden tea is not a beverage, but medicine. The spices are warming and comforting, the turmeric reduces inflammation, the coconut fat aids digestion,

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BVC Eats: Ya mutha’s chicken

This was one of my mother’s foolproof recipes. All Mom’s most edible dishes contained either corn or pork, except this one. I think she learned

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