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Author : Jennifer Stevenson

Jennifer Stevenson writes wacky humor and blogs irregularly at Book View Cafe and at

BVC Eats: Pound cake French toast

Pound cake French toast is the ultimate in you-don’t-need-any-of-this breakfast food. It was once a favorite at our house until we swore off all pancakes,

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BVC Eats: Chicken pot pie

Back at the dawnatime, when my Osborne computer was considered the latest poot in portable compooters and a cup of coffee cost less than a

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BVC Eats: Kedgeree

I’ve been reading about kedgeree in English novels all my life and decided to try it. This is regarded as intensely British food, meaning, they

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Losing Sir Terry

When I was a child, I told my mother that it was my ambition to meet my favorite authors someday. She told me I couldn’t—they

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BVC Eats: Pickled eggs

The first time I had a pickled egg, it was in my very first Greek salad, which I bought at something probably called Greek Market,

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BVC Eats: Scrapple

Scrapple is classic white-trash breakfast food, best served fried in bacon grease with honey or maple syrup on top. For more authenticity, top with sorghum molasses.

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