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A Rambling Writer Rerun: The Sea Stacks of Phangnga Bay, Thailand 2020

Join Thor and me as your virtual Thailand vacation continues with a tour via longtail boat of the dramatic sea stacks of Phangnga Bay.

NOTE: It’s been another week of lots of “Life,” so I hope you enjoy this rerun of Thor’s and my Thailand trip, just as the pandemic was starting to unfold in Asia. We were so lucky to have this trip, and to make it home just before the restrictions shut down travel. 

Our goal for our last destination in Thailand was to visit these spectacular limestone formations rising straight out of the shallow seas. Our hotel arranged a reliable local boat and pilot, “Donnie,” to pick us up on the beach the second morning of our stay, though we could have chanced picking up a boat among those trolling for tourists along the beach. The longtail boats ingeniously use a car’s drive shaft to power the prop, as the pilot stands in the stern to steer:

And we were launched! The boat had definitely seen some wear, but we were happy to have Suwanee as our private vessel for the day. Sweet Donnie managed to communicate despite his main English phrase being, “What you want.” (In response to “How long do we have?” at each stop.)

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6 thoughts on “A Rambling Writer Rerun: The Sea Stacks of Phangnga Bay, Thailand 2020”

  1. Wow, that angry sky picture at the end is so broody and dramatic!

    The oddly shaped rocks/palisades/hills remind me of ones I’ve seen on Heygo of late, while the young guides give us tours of Vietnam. Not surprising to see them in Thailand–must be similar forces at work. Anyway, I love the graceful boats, and the enchanting lagoons!

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