The Pure Cold Light

The Pure Cold Light

by Gregory Frost
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-236-5

What terrible knowledge did he possess that had to be destroyed?

The Fantasy…The Memory…The Box: A catatonic spacer has experienced it. He can reveal nothing.

The Fire…The Pain…The Dead: The mega-corporations nurture it–to maximize profits and enslave a planet.  They will reveal nothing.

The Scent…The Visions…The Secret: Guerrilla activist and rebel journalist Thomasina Lyell has discovered it–and the conspiracy threatening the basis of human civilization. She must experience it herself, its destructive, mind-shattering power. She must reveal everything!

The Future Before Her Eyes. The Story of a Lifetime, a World gone Mad. Her Doom…and the Death of Humankind.

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Being Real

Being Real by Sherwood Smith

by Sherwood Smith
$0.99 (Novelette) ISBN 978-1-61138-176-4

Lys and her family win a chance to be a “real family” on reality TV. That means real money, desperately needed in the rotten economy these days, but they only get that money as long as they stay on the air. What can they do to be real enough to please the viewers?