Latest Release: BVC Bundleset #01

Bundleset 01 Cover 200x300

Book View Cafe’s First Bundleset
by Doranna Durgin,
Irene Radford,
Madeleine Robins,
Kristine Smith

Four BVC authors offer bundles of their most popular novels.

Available until October 11, 2016.

These ZIP files include both EPUB and MOBI/Kindle ebooks of each title.

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New Titles

Dragons in the Earth by Judith TarrLord Rogue by Patricia RiceCheyenne's Lady by Patricia RiceStorm of Reckoning by Doranna DurginCutter-ThePrincessTroll133x200A Bodkin for the Bride by Patrice Greenwood


Lord Rogue by Patricia RiceBeyond Grimm ed Radford and RossFinal Table by Pati NagleCode of Conduct by Kristine SmithSignatures by James A. HetleySupreme Court of the United States Defines Personhood

Recent Titles

Theory of Magic by Patricia RiceThe Rational Writer A-Z by Mindy KlaskyThe Shadow Conspiracy III, ed. Phyllis Irene Radford & Brenda W. CloughThe Usual Path to Publication, ed. Shannon PageWhisper of Magic by Patricia RiceContact Imminent by Kristine Smith
In Ashes Lie by Marie BrennanMidnight Never Come by Marie BrennanWelcome to Witchlandia by Steven PopkesHair of the Dog by Doranna DurginHinky Chicago Omnibus 1 by Jennifer StevensonHeart of Fire by Doranna Durgin

Also See

The Shadow Conspiracy III, ed. Phyllis Irene Radford & Brenda W. CloughKlasky-CapitolMagic133x200Shelter from the Storm by Patricia RiceDun Lady's Jess, by Doranna Durgin. Changespell Saga Vol. IThe Rational Writer A-Z by Mindy KlaskyPolar City Blues by Katharine Kerr
Dragon Rigger by Jeffrey A. CarverIn the Hall of the Mountain King by Judith TarrThe Ecology of Faerie by David D. LevineMonstrous Beauty by Marie BrennanMagna Bloody Carta coverKlaskyMindy-JustOneOfThoseThings133x200