Cracks in the Pavement

A Free Short Story
by C.L. Anderson

T.Nut called it dead time.  The time between the planning and the job when they just sat and waited.

This time they waited under a rickety tin awning.  A blood-warm wave of rain slammed against the loose metal, wringing all the stink of heat, smog and garbage out of the sky and into the gutters.

Rosey didn’t mind rain.  Rain hid you, like the dark did.  What she hated was waiting.   Especially when it was one of those time T.Nut wouldn’t say what they were waiting for.
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The Cygnius sedonai Caper

The Cygnius sedonail Caper

A Free Short Story
by Pati Nagle

Fighting interstellar crime is for the birds.

Feline investigator Leon, with opposable thumbs and the ability to talk, is possibly the most dangerous cat in the galaxy.

When a pair of rare and valuable Cygnius sedonai songbirds go missing and authorities suspect the thieves will bring them through Gamma Station, Leon must use all his resources, including his feline pals, to find them.

This story is an excerpt from the novel Pet Noir.



Excerpts from the Diary of a Henchminion

A Free Short Story
by Sherwood Smith

Summoned, posted to Zorgon’s castle yestereve.

Looks good. Ancient stonework—cool—damp—busy dungeon. Pretty sure I’ve seen Nargul, Zorgon’s toady, before. The rest of the lads seem a decent lot—average burliness, medium ugly, all fun-loving.

Stood around the dungeon swilling beer and exchanging coarse jokes while the new prisoners were brought in. Promising first day.

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Excerpts from the Discussion of the Controlled Vibration Theory of Communication Among the Un-Kin

A Free Short Story
by Sarah Zettel

Taken from the discussion pool housed at the Toc Kup Communication Facilitation Unit from the period between 10:20:18 to 11:06:21. Compiled by Shh Tchtik Tic, Third Depth Researcher.

10:20:18. From Toc Toc Kup, Learned Speaker. Addressing Kin of My Mind.

I was extremely disappointed when I listened to the 10:20:17 comments made by Shh Toc Ket. I recognize that this discussion pool is for open theorizing regarding the Un-Kin, but I did not think that included fantasizing by freshly graduated radicals.
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A Free Short Story
by Sarah Smith

Long ago, when I was just married, I saw a girl die. I saw it ­planned, I was there when it happened. I sat in the audience­ while she swallowed poison. Now she haunts me, a pathetic­ outmoded ghost, a cafe singer from the days of Toulouse-Lautrec, ­with her pleading eyes and her outstretched hand. I’ve put her ­into stories, I wrote a film script about her, back when I was a ­little famous; but no one reads me now, and still she won’t rest. She comes to visit me at midnights, and she sings to me.

It’s so dark, she quavers. I’m so afraid…

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Hand-Me-Down Town

A Free Novella
by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

“Hand-Me-Down Town” was originally published in Analog Science Fiction Magazine in 1989 and was my first published work of fiction. I wrote it in reaction to the criminalization of homelessness by a California town trying to protect its tourist industry. The name of the town in this novella is fictionalized. (The wonderful illustration is by Janet Aulisio,)


Stu Williams pulled his jacket across his chest and zipped it all the way up to his chin. It was damned cold for February. He dug his hand into his left coat pocket and counted the change there without taking it out to look. About $4.00 in quarters; enough to buy a decent breakfast at Caroline’s or a not-so-decent breakfast and a newspaper. He decided in favor of a decent breakfast and a trip to the Sears electronics department around noon to catch the news on the tube. Of course, TV’s didn’t have tubes anymore, he reflected. Old habits die hard.

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The Passionate Café

The Passionate Cafe Vol I

Edited by Sarah Zettel
$1.99 (Sampler) ISBN 978-1-61138-088-0

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An ebook of romantic tales from BVC authors, The Passionate Café contains stories that range from quirky and humorous to Regency, by Patricia Rice, Madeleine Robins, Jennifer Stevenson, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, Marissa Day, and Sarah Zettel.

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The Passionate Café II

The Passionate Cafe II

A Romance Sampler from Book View Café
edited by Pati Nagle
$1.99 (Sampler) ISBN 978-1-61138-244-0

$1.99 off with automatic coupon!

‘Tis the season of romance…

Book View Café’s masters of romance offer a new selection of delectable tidbits to tantalize your taste for passion. Lovingly gathered into one convenient ebook, this array of samples from current romance and romantic novels by award-winning and bestselling writers is like a box of bon-bons. A sweet Regency delight, something dark and rich, a touch of the fantastic — which will you taste first?

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The Secret Lives of Fairy Tales

A Free Short Story
by Steven Popkes

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Emperor Thomas had heard about Po and Ho long before he met them. Not that he begrudged two scam artists a living. He liked the Salt Dodge and the False Gumdrop as much as anyone and had a good laugh on how they had modified the Glam and took everything the Widow Stein owned, right down to her porcelain teeth. But all good things come to an end and their end was in sight when the local magistrate hauled them up in front of the Emperor.

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The White Dog

The White Dog

A Free Novelette
by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

This story is one of my favorites. It originally was published in Interzone magazine in Great Britain and was a finalist for the British Science Fiction Association Award for short fiction. It’s also available in my print collection from Juxta Publishing entitled I LOVED THY CREATION.

It explores the nature of beauty, truth and magic.


Beauty and the Beast was the first story Mother ever read to me. I have read it myself a myriad times in a variety of forms and seen countless dramatic renditions of it. At each telling or showing or reading, I have felt, for a moment, a sense of contentment. That is, until I fathomed that this was a fairy tale and had nothing whatever to do with me. Oh, it’s not just that it’s a fairy tale—everything is a fairy tale from my vantage point—it’s that the Beast is a man and I am a woman.

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